The Best Customer Service CV Tips And Example

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Skills to Highlight in Your Customer Service CV

It can be hard to squeeze everything into your customer service CV, or sometimes it’s hard to think of what to say.

But these skills are a must-have. For more info about what the job entails, check out our customer service representative job description. If you want to show these skills in person, check out the 10 most common customer service interview questions.

Excellent communication skills

There is no customer service without communication.

The ability to communicate well with just about anyone is the ultimate customer service skill. There are two ways to show this skill in your CV. 

The first is to highlight your communication skills in your employment history and any resulting achievements. 

The second is to communicate extremely well in the CV itself. No employer will believe in your communication ability if your CV writing skills say otherwise.

Excellent Telephone Manner

For any customer service job, especially those in call centres, this is another must-have. 

For example, you could include something like “Consistently exhibited excellent telephone manner with potential or current customers”.

Here’s 7 tips for great telephone manner if you need to brush up on your skills.

Computer Skills

While back in the day this might not have been an essential, it certainly is now. An ideal candidate is proficient in customer service software such as Zendesk or Hootsuite.

However, if you’re new to the game, intermediate knowledge of all parts of Microsoft Office is a good start.


It’s all well and good if you can work well in a fixed routine. But employers want more.

They want to know that you can quickly adapt to change, learn on the fly, and manage new tasks along with your original ones. Your new customer service job will present you with unexpected problems and whoever reads your CV needs to know you can provide solutions.

For example, try something along the lines of “Able to handle diverse customer enquiries and escalate complaints smoothly and efficiently”.

Conflict Resolution

Can you work and remain calm under pressure? Can you keep your head when on a call with a disgruntled customer? Say so in your CV.

Give a specific example of a challenging situation and what you did to resolve it (this also works well when answering competency based questions in interviews).

Example Customer Service CV

Of course there’s more to CVs than skills, and sometimes it can be hard to put into words. 

So here’s an example customer service CV for guidance, ready to download!

customer service cv

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