What is a Typical Paralegal Salary? Here’s The Truth

Let’s talk money.

paralegal salary

Do you really know what the average paralegal salary in the UK is? There’s no shame if your answer to this question is no. Even paralegals themselves are unsure what they should be earning.

Let’s start by agreeing that paralegal jobs are a brilliant way to kick off your legal career. Whether you’re aiming to land a Training Contract, follow the equivalent means route or simply gain legal experience – being a paralegal opens doors. 

But you can’t do a job simply for the experience. To misquote Cardi B: “I have a passion for law; I love law. But I also have a passion for money and paying my bills”. 

So, let’s find out what your paralegal salary should be.

How much do paralegals make

A junior paralegal at non-graduate entry level

You can expect between £14,000 to £22,000.

If you’re a junior paralegal at graduate entry level

You can expect between £18,000 to £25,000.

A paralegal with three to five years of experience

You can expect between £30,000 to £40,000.

A seasoned paralegal (decades of experience)

It’s possible to earn up to £55,000.

But remember that these figures are just a rough guide; the salary you earn as a paralegal will depend on several factors.

Which factors determine your paralegal salary ?

It feels like no one can tell you what a paralegal salary should look like. But the answer really is simple.

As a prospective paralegal, the question that’s perpetually on your lips must be: how much does a paralegal earn? But the answer is simple. It depends on these factors:

  1. Your legal practice area. E.g. corporate law, family law, environmental law
  2. The size and/or type of employer – small firm, international firm, legal aid firm
  3. Location – a paralegal salary in London or another big city will probably be higher
  4. Experience, qualifications and level of responsibility

1: Your paralegal salary depends on your practice area

It’s time for harsh truths. Many of the most fascinating practice areas don’t pay their paralegals the most impressive salaries.

So, if you’re set on a career in human rights or criminal law, you’ll probably have to settle for a little less money in your pocket. 

If, on the other hand, you dream of pinstripe suits and spreadsheets, then you can expect a bigger payslip. Corporate and commercial law firms will pay their paralegals the highest salaries. You can also make good money working for private clients or in property law.

2: The size of the law firm will affect your paralegal salary

Size matters.

 At a large firm, your paralegal salary will most likely be higher than if you were working for a small boutique law firm. Magic circle firms offer the highest entry-level paralegal salaries. We have lots more info about UK (an US) top law firms. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, definitely check out our ultimate paralegal guide.

Many large multinational corporations have in house paralegals too. The salary they pay their paralegals will depend on the company itself.

For a more detailed analysis of paralegal salaries by area, you may want to check out Glassdoor.

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