How to Write a Stand-Out PA Cover Letter

Top tips for writing a stand-out personal assistant cover letter. Plus a template cover letter to get you started. 

personal assistant cover letter

Personal assistant cover letter

Speak to the employer


Understand the company

Competitive advantage


How to write a cover letter


PA cover letter template

Your Mum will tell you that you’re special. That doesn’t mean an employer will. In fact, it’s up to you to prove to the employer that you are that one-in-a-million candidate they’ve been searching for. And that’s exactly where the personal assistant cover letter comes in! 

If you’re thinking this all sounds like a lot of hassle, you’re right. But hang on, let me explain why including a personal assistant cover letter in your application is the very best thing you can do to boost your chances of landing the job. And before you ask, it’s exactly the same for an excellent executive assistant cover letter.

Use your personal assistant cover letter to ‘speak’ to the employer

Put yourself in the position of a hiring manager. Spread out in front of you are hundreds of CVs, many of them are pretty good. You can work out pretty quickly who has the best experience, but how on earth do you know which person you’ll get along with? Who will thrive in your company’s culture? Who will actually make a great addition to the team? 

The point is, it’s really tricky for the employer to choose between CVs (though you can give your CV the edge with these 5 CV writing tips). So if you include a personal assistant cover letter you’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to show off not only your PA experience but your personality too!

And if your Mum thinks you’re great, I’ll bet an employer will too once they’ve read your cover letter.

Employers want to hire PAs who understand their company

You could be the best personal assistant in the world, but unless you show that you’re genuinely interested in the company you can kiss goodbye to the job.

Your personal assistant cover letter should clearly show the employer that you’ve done your research on their business, you know what their values are and you’d take to the role like a duck to water. 

If you’re not too sure about what employers are looking for in their PAs, make sure you take a look at this: 10 Personality Traits of a Perfect Personal Assistant.

Not everyone can be bothered with a personal assistant cover letter

I wasn’t lying when I said it’s a lot of hassle. Loads of candidates will agree, so they won’t write one. Which means one thing: by writing a personal assistant cover letter you’ll instantly gain a competitive advantage. 

Yeah, it’s that simple. Writing a cover letter may feel like a chore, but trust me, you’ll be the last one laughing when you land the job.

How to write a personal assistant cover letter 

The smart way to write a cover letter is to start by looking at the personal assistant job description. It’s the roadmap your future employer has laid out for you. It signposts each of the different qualities and skills they are looking for, while giving you useful hints about the company’s culture and values. 

Then take a moment to think about how your own experience proves that you have these qualities. And then it’s time to start writing. Easy, right?

If you’re still unsure how the letter is supposed to look, check out my personal assistant cover letter template below. 

This template is tailored to the most common qualities that employers look for in their assistants. So don’t sweat, it also doubles as an executive assistant cover letter.

Personal assistant cover letter template

Dear [Hiring Manager’s name], 

I am currently employed at _______ as a Personal Assistant and I work primarily with _______. I have enjoyed this role immensely as it has allowed me to develop my _______ skills. However, I am now seeking a new challenge that will allow me to take the next step in my career. That is why I am applying to the role of _______ with your organisation. 

I believe that I possess the necessary qualities to excel in the role. In my previous position, I understood that the role of a Personal Assistant is crucial to the smooth running of the company, the productivity of my colleagues and the effectiveness of business decisions. I am an excellent communicator who is able to build strong relationships quickly, as well as being skilled in complex diary management and event planning. 

Over the past __ years that I have worked as a Personal Assistant, I have a strong understanding of what the role entails. I enjoy feeling part of something bigger, in the knowledge that my role as an Assistant facilitates the success of the company and executives. Furthermore, I have developed the ability to think on my feet, find creative solutions to problems and exercise empathy in all my decision making. 

I possess excellent financial, administrative and IT skills. I am fluent in the full Microsoft Office suite, which I have regularly used in my previous role to create reports and presentations for executives. I also have experience coordinating marketing and communication initiatives.

My experience as a Personal Assistant has provided me with the ability to interact with clients, executives and colleagues in a friendly, personable and engaging way, while always abiding by confidentiality processes when the situation demands. 

As a self-starting, tenacious person I never shy away from a challenge and thrive when working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. I am a capable multi-tasker and very organised person. 

I believe that I would make a great addition to your team and that I have the characteristics that will allow me to perform the role effectively. The prospect of working at _______ is hugely exciting for me, as it will provide me with the opportunity to strengthen my current skill set and forge a successful career with the company. 

Thank you very much for taking the time to consider my application. I hope that I have demonstrated that my experience and skills suit the role. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Kind regards, 


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