5 Reasons Why Your PA CV Failed to Impress

Avoid these all-to-common mistakes when writing your personal assistant CV

personal assistant CV

Personal assistant CV

‘Thank you for your interest in the assistant job. Unfortunately …’ We all know how this email ends. But have you ever thought about why your assistant resume didn’t land you the role?

I spoke to Nisha, the Account Manager here at Jump who’s read thousands of assistant CVs in her time. She gave me the inside scoop on the 5 most common mistakes that lead to candidates being rejected from assistant jobs. 

This quick read might just make all the difference to your assistant career. Let your personality shine!

1: Your CV doesn’t say who you supported

The clue’s in the word. If you’re a personal assistant, make sure to explain who you’ve assisted.

Nisha tells me that she’s seen loads of assistant resumes that don’t hit the mark, simply because the employer can’t gauge the level experience. 

A winning CV will include the names and positions of the people that you’ve supported. If you’ve worked as an executive assistant for a C-level boss, tell me! If you worked as a team assistant for board level directors, tell me! 

The seniority of the person you supported is a key indicator of your capabilities. Supporting high-level individuals proves that you’re capable of dealing with complex tasks and taking on responsibility. 

If you’re serious about landing an assistant job, then you can’t afford not to include these details.


2: But what did you actually do?

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that your personal assistant CV is merely a long list of all the different office carpets you’ve traversed over the years. 

Your future employer is actually trying to get a better idea of who you are and what you’re capable of. So make their life a little bit easier – detail all the different tasks you’ve completed. 

It’s particularly effective to list as many assistant specific tasks as you can. That includes complex diary management, admin support, travel management, etc. 

3: Your CV formatting was, in a word, atrocious

A personal assistant, an executive assistant, a team assistant and a secretary all walk into a bar. What do they have in common? The answer is – pretty neat organisational abilities and mad formatting skills. 

So, if you think for one second that an employer is going to want to hire someone who uses size 18 comic sans in their personal assistant CV, you can think again.

4: Your CV doesn’t mention that you’re a virtual virtuoso 

If an employer is in the fortunate position of choosing between 2 fantastic candidates, they will pick the person with better technical experience 100% of the time.

I’m guessing that you want that person to be you?

Then make sure to include the programmes and software you’re familiar with. This might be CRM software or Billing programmes like Xero or Wave. 

5: Your CV dates just don’t add up

Unclear dates are a massive turnoff.

If your personal assistant CV isn’t clear about when you did what, employers are unlikely to give you the benefit of the doubt. 

 It’s a really common mistake to make. But it’s utterly avoidable! Make sure you detail your working history properly by being specific about months and years.


 Personal assistant CV: it’s your passport

Starting out as an assistant is hard. Landing a job in the first place is harder. But if your personal assistant CV is littered with these common mistakes, it’s impossible. 

So, brush up your CV (these 5 expert tips are great place to start), write an amazing cover letter and apply to amazing personal assistant jobs on Jump! If you need guidance on personal assistant salary we have that too.

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