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Ever wondered what precisely employers are looking for in their assistants? Then you simply must read this ideal personal assistant job description. Become the perfect PA.

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You only need to take one look at a personal assistant job description to know that PAs and EAs have one heck of a demanding job! But with so many different tasks, it’s really hard to know exactly what an assistant does. 

And that’ precisely the reason for this article – this is the definitive list of personal assistant duties that will help you to be the very best you can be. 

Because knowing the ins and outs of personal assistant duties is pretty much a prerequisite for landing a job as an assistant – if you don’t, chances are your CV will end up in the shredder.

Back to basics: what is a personal assistant?

A personal assistant (PA) usually works directly with a high-level individual in senior management. Assistants will provide comprehensive admin support to this person, including managing their diary, travel and priorities.

What is an executive assistant?

Executive assistants typically tend to work at a more senior level, helping C-level execs to make the most of their time and cut down day-to-day admin tasks.

You might be wondering what’s the difference between a personal assistant and an executive assistant? Well, the answer is – not much. 

There is no catch-all definition of an assistant. But the one thing they all have in common is their ability to keep pace in high-pressured, demanding roles. 

With their work dealing with constant communication, problem-solving and multitasking, PAs and EAs have qualities that the rest of us could only dream of – take a look at the 10 Personality Traits of an Astonishing Assistant to find out more.  

Put simply, personal assistants are the heroes every organisation needs!

10 typical duties you’ll see in a 

personal assistant job description

What does a personal assistant do? 

It’s shouldn’t be a surprise to find out that there are an infinite number of tasks that can be considered ‘typical personal assistant duties’. But, as promised, here is a comprehensive list of the most common ones: 

  • Diary management – including scheduling of meetings and priorities
  • Booking and arranging accommodation, travel and expenses 
  • Managing events and conferences 
  • Coordinating administrative processes
  • Researching on behalf of your boss
  • Corresponding with clients and staff 
  • Researching and compiling reports 
  • Writing minutes
  • Monitoring and responding to managers’ emails
  • Organising your executive’s personal commitments 

These 10 common personal assistant duties give you a pretty good overview of an assistant’s day. But when you’re under time pressure and juggling multiple tasks, excelling as an assistant is easier said than done.

Amazing advantages of being a personal assistant

So you’ve read the personal assistant job description but you’re not sure whether it’s the right role for you? Well, you might reconsider after reading this… 

Being a personal assistant is brilliant. It’s challenging. But crucially, no two days are alike! Personal assistant duties will be demanding; from complex diary management and juggling priorities. But ultimately, personal assistants wield a lot of power in the office. And that’s reflected in the pay and perks. Imagine earning a large salary, travelling the world and managing your day as you please. 

Here are 10 of the best advantages of being a personal assistant

  • PAs interact, influence and direct ideas at the top levels of management
  • Each day is an opportunity to learn something new
  • PAs and EAs build remarkably strong working relationships with individuals 
  • Flexibility and autonomy are built into the role 
  • PAs can work anywhere, in any industry. The world’s your oyster! 
  • Personal assistants work on a wide array of different projects
  • Deep involvement in your boss’ life 
  • Exciting travel opportunities 
  • Great career progression options 
  • Executive assistants have the opportunity to learn from the best! Who could turn down the opportunity to build a close working relationship with an industry leader?

Unearth the salary secrets in a personal assistant job description

You might think you know what an assistant salary looks like. But what happens if you don’t really?

Here’s a simple guide to benchmark your personal assistant salary against. And by the look it, one big advantage of being a personal assistant is the salary!

  • An entry level personal assistant earns between £16,000 to £25,000
  • A personal assistant with two to five years earns between £25,000 to £35,000
  • A seasoned personal assistant working with C-level individuals can earn anywhere up to £65,000

But remember the average PA salary will depend on the region and the organisation. It’s really important that you keep this in mind next time you find yourself reading a personal assistant job description.

This is the only personal assistant description you need to read

The PA job description won’t tell you everything – from company culture to the work environment. But it especially won’t tell you if you’re the right fit for the job. 

These days it’s not enough to get your foot in the door. You need to get your foot in the right door – and that’s where Jump comes in. 

PA, EA and secretary jobs vary from place to place and company to company. Jump is the trusted career guide that gets you, using your preferences to find you the right job – take a look

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