Let’s Be Honest: What is a Typical Personal Assistant Salary?

Ever wondered what the average personal assistant salary in the UK is? Here it is in black and white.

personal assistant salary

Call off the search!

You’ve found finally found it! Yes, that’s right – in this article, I’m going to give you the real, authentic, no holds barred truth about the average personal assistant salary in the UK. 

In Britain, there are few questions that elicit such disgust and embarrassment as ‘how much do you earn?’ Many of us would rather run for the hills than answer this particularly intrusive question. 

As a result of our politeness (prudishness), benchmarking your personal assistant salary can feel impossible. The internet has turned up nothing and it’s not like you can just walk up to the next PA or EA you meet to ask them what they earn. 

Luckily for you, I’ve been asking that terribly rude question on your behalf. And now I can share with you the average personal assistant salary and the average executive assistant salary in the UK.

What’s the average personal assistant salary in the UK?

The average personal assistant salary is £28,000. There, that wasn’t so hard.

How much does a personal assistant get paid?

  • Entry-level PA – You can expect between £18,000 to £24,000
  • Mid-level PA (3 years experience) – You can expect between £25,000 to £35,000
  • Senior PA (supporting C-level execs) – You can expect between £36,000 to £50,000+

But your personal assistant salary will depend on a few factors

  1. Your experience
  2. Location (the highest PA salaries are usually found in London)
  3. The size of the organisation 
  4. The industry (PAs are often paid more in the finance and consultancy sectors)
  5. The seniority of the person you’re supporting

1: Your experience

Once you’ve got around 3 years under your belt you can start sending off applications to mid-level roles or asking for a raise in your current job. 


Predictably, your personal assistant salary will depend on how experienced you are. Usually, this will be decided by how long you’ve been working as a PA or EA, but employers will also look at how complex your previous roles have been. 

If you’re just starting out or have less than 3 years experience you’ll probably have the best luck applying to entry-level assistant jobs.  

Senior personal assistants and executive assistants will earn significantly higher salaries, as they more often than not, they’ve had several years experience and also support top-level executives. 

    2: Location, location, location

    Where you’re based is also a big factor in how much you get paid. A personal assistant salary in London will typically be higher than other cities in the UK. 

    In fact, while the average salary across the UK is £28,000, the average personal assistant salary in London is £33,000.

    3: Size matters

    Big organisation? Expect a bigger salary. Large corporations generally tend to pay personal assistants and executive assistants better than smaller firms.e paralegals too. The salary they pay their paralegals will depend on the company itself.

    4: The industry

    While the average personal assistant salary is a useful guide, PA salaries can really depend on the industry. 

    The highest-paying employers are typically to be found in the finance, consultancy and corporate business sectors. 

    But remember, this isn’t always the case and there are loads of incredibly rewarding PA and EA roles in sectors like the arts, charities, health, government, law and education.

    5: Who you’re supporting

    Personal assistants and executive assistants are tasked with all sorts of things. But if one of them is supporting a C-level executive, then you can expect a higher salary. 

    While it usually takes several years of experience to begin supporting senior management, it’s not always the case. In some cases, PAs and EAs who work closely with the highest ranks in finance and consultancy may even earn above £50,000. 

    So there it is – the honest truth about a personal assistant salary

    So there it is. The honest truth about a personal assistant salary

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