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Making Your Retail CV Stand Out


To stand out in today’s crowded job market is not an easy feat. 

Your golden ticket through the door and into an interview is a great CV, so it’s very important you take the time to craft and perfect it. 

Retail is a high pressure, multipurpose industry, so your CV must show that this is something you can handle. 

Luckily, the skills we’ll cover today will do just that. 

For a baseline overview of the ins and outs of retail, have a look at this retail assistant job description. For now though, let’s crack on and reveal the strong skill sets retail employers are on the lookout for.

Skills to Include in Your Retail CV


 1. Attention to Detail

To be a great retailer, you need to be detail focused. From making sure a customer purchases the correct product, to keeping items fully stocked and properly displayed. 

So, make sure your CV demonstrates that you’re someone who hones in on the little things. 

For example, you could include something like: 

“Consistently displayed excellent attention to detail by keeping the shop floor tidy and displaying products at their best.” 

Insider Tip: you can showcase your attention to detail skills on your CV without even having to mention them! By making sure your CV’s accurate, concise and visually appealing, you will prove on the spot that you’re a meticulous person.

For more on this, check out these essential tips for CV writing

Customer Service Skills 

Customer service is at the heart of all retail positions. 

Stores and companies rely on employees who can help foster a good reputation and loyalty with their customers. 

Because of this, a retail employer will be looking for a friendly, positive person who’s keen to help customers resolve any issues and make successful purchases. 

So, make sure your CV shows that you’re able to relate to customers and build a rapport with them whilst helping with queries, purchases or issues.

Basic Technical Skills 

In this day and age, the use of computers and other technological devices in any job is pretty much a given. 

An ideal candidate will have some experience with retail software, such as an electronic register or a point of sales system (POS)

But don’t feel put off if you’re a newbie to the industry. Intermediate knowledge of computer softwares such as Microsoft Office is a good starting point.


Even if you love your job, every day comes with its challenges.

Resilience is the armour you need to tackle a retail job head on. Whether you’re running out of time to reach your sales target or you’re low staffed on a busy day, you need to be quick to bounce back. 

Show resilience on your CV by demonstrating your ability to adapt to change, make decisions quickly, and to not take things personally. 

For example, you could mention a time when you took on extra responsibilities to support a small team, or an instance when you undertook extra training to adjust to an adapting work environment. 

Interpersonal Skills 

Interpersonal skills are one of the most important traits for a retailer to have. 

There are many different interpersonal skills, but the main ones you should reflect in your retail CV are: 

  • Teamwork 
  • Empathy 
  • Flexibility 
  • Patience 

You can do this by recalling a time in the experience section of your CV of when your interpersonal skills came into play. This may sound something like: 

“Collaborated with my colleagues to improve our store’s visual display which increased our sales by 15% compared to the previous quarter.”

The more specific your example, the better – this is also the advice given when answering competency based questions in an interview.

Example Retail CV

Even with all these tips, it can still be difficult to picture what these skills would actually look like on your CV.

That’s why we’ve created this downloadable CV example to help inspire you whilst you’re creating yours!

customer service cv

There you have it!

Now, it’s over to you to take these tools and tips and tailor a brilliant retail CV!

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be more than ready to start the search for the right retail position for you.

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