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Writing a Successful Store Manager CV

Store managers do it all. 

They work with customers, hit store quotas, manage employees, and are the first to pitch in when there’s more to be done. 

And this is far from a full list of their responsibilities – for a more extensive list, check out this store manager description

To land this important and demanding role, your CV needs to prove that you’re capable of the many challenges that come with the job. 

Luckily for you, you’re a quick read away from knowing the top skills you should be including in your store manager CV. 

You’re also a couple scrolls away from a brilliant example store manager CV which represents to a T what it is retail employers are looking for. 

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Skills To Include in Your Store Manager CV 


The retail industry is constantly evolving, and store managers need to be flexible and mentally tough to cope with these changes. The resilience of a store manager also impacts on the performance of the team. 

Because of this, your CV needs to show that you’re  a store manager who’s stimulated by this constantly developing landscape, and that you aren’t one to burnout in the face of uncertainty. 

You can do this by providing real-life experiences which boast your problem-solving, adaptability, emotional intelligence, team leadership and self-awareness. 

As #1 on the top CV writing tips says, emphasising your experience is the best way to set your CV apart from other candidates.

People Management

Managing people goes beyond simply scheduling and hiring. 

It includes maximising the strength of your team, handling conflicts, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, and holding everyone to a high standard. 

You can easily flex your people management skills in the key achievements section of your CV. This may sound something like: 

“Led a team of 50+ employees through a sales slump to eventually accomplish the stores highest ever sales quarter.” 

You don’t need to be extremely specific on the details in your CV (although using numbers to show achievements always helps). But be prepared to give a more elaborate explanation of the situation during an interview.

Sales Leadership

A store manager is in charge of training salespeople as well as motivating them to improve their sales numbers. 

Because of this, employers will be looking for a candidate who not only has sales experience, but who can also take this experience and use it to lead and inspire others to be successful salespeople. 

Show on your CV examples of leadership that specifically apply to sales. Maybe your overall store sales increased during your time as a manager, or maybe you lead an underperforming salesperson to becoming number one salesperson of the month. 

Whatever it may be, pick an example which boasts your ability to lead your employees sales success. This can then be easily highlighted in the ‘key accomplishments’ section of your CV.


Everyone can multitask, but not everyone can multitask well

Someone who can however, is a great store manager. 

A store manager’s brain is like a web page with lots of open tabs: busy, complex and sometimes overwhelming. 

Your CV should demonstrate that you’re capable of successfully juggling multiple tasks at once. You can do this by briefly describing some of the responsibilities you had in past jobs and how multitasking was a large part of the experience. 

Don’t forget, it’s not just about explaining all the duties you had. It’s about demonstrating your ability to manage them at the same time successfully.

For good measure, here are even more tips for emphasising your multitasking abilities on your CV.

Time Management

Time management is a precious commodity in all managerial roles. 

But when it comes to being a store manager, having the ability to manage your time effectively can be the difference between the success and failure of the store. 

Show that you possess the ability not only to juggle tasks, but to prioritise their urgency. This means time planning in a way that ensures key focuses and daily objectives are being properly met. 

For example, you could say something along the lines of: 

“Assigned daily work tasks to 20+ employees, juggled store budgets and enforced sales targets whilst ensuring excellent customer service from myself and staff members.”

Example Store Manager CV

For even more store manager skills, have a look at this store manager job description.

For now however, here’s a nifty store manager CV example to get your inspiration juices flowing on how you’ll go about writing yours!

customer service cv

And that’s the lot! 

You should now be feeling more confident about how to write a compelling store manager CV that will successfully get you to phase two of your job hunt: the interview. 

Once you’ve taken these tips and tricks and used them to help build your own CV, you’ll be more than ready to apply for these exciting roles in store management…

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