The 7 Most Common Store Manager Interview Questions and The Best Ways to Answer Them


Negative thoughts can rear their ugly heads when you have an interview looming.


And preparing yourself can feel like a never ending task.


But we at Jump want to ease your stress.


So we’ve researched the most common store manager interview questions and answers.


Let’s dive in.

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1. “What do you believe to be the best qualities in a store manager?”

Leadership qualities, communication skills, excellent work ethics, time management – the list goes on. 

Your answer should show that you’re aware which qualities are most important to the position and that you have these qualities

Remember, all the qualities you list in response to this question should already be on your store manager CV. They should also line up with the job description!

If you’re feeling stuck, our store manager job description lists the qualities we believe are must-haves.

2. “How do you train and develop your staff members?”

Training isn’t a one size fits all job. 

The aim is to train staff members to meet the store and company objectives. But this training should be adapted to the needs of the staff member themselves. 

Explain how you would assess the knowledge, skills and needs of each staff member. Then, discuss how you would tailor your training to meet their individual needs.

3. “How have you handled an underperforming staff member?” 

There are many ways to answer this, but “I sacked them” is not one of them. 

It’s the store manager’s duty to deal with staff performance. They must keep everyone on track by providing the training and development each person may need. 

Your answer should show that you have experience with handling underperforming staff members. It should also demonstrate that you’re able to approach the issue in a reasonable and habit-changing way. 

Your answer to this question may sound something like: 

“In my previous position as a store manager, I had a staff member who wasn’t performing to their full potential. I dealt with this immediately and found out the reasons for their poor performance. From this, we were able to agree on some performance improvement targets. Then, I provided the necessary resources to allow for this improvement.”

4. “How do you keep your staff members motivated?”

great store manager will keep their staff members motivated daily. 

A motivated workforce makes a massive impact when it comes to succeeding in any business objectives. So, it’s important you know how to ensure your team stays motivated and put in their greatest efforts. 

Your answer should show actual experience of tools you’ve used in previous positions to motivate employees. Name and explain some of these approaches. From here, you can give details about how they improved staff motivation.

5. “Tell me about a difficult decision you had to make at work and the steps you took to make it.”

Even deciding how to answer this interview question is difficult! 

The interviewer wants to know how you handle stressful and challenging situations and the strength of your critical thinking skills. 

Make sure you pick the right decision to discuss. Don’t choose a time when the difficult decision you made had a negative impact. Choose one that brags success through it having a positive result. 

Once you’ve chosen an example, describe how you approached the issue, how you weighed up your options, and how you reached your final, sound decision. 

For even more tips on how to answer competency based questions like this, check out the STAR interview method.

6. “What has been your greatest achievement as a store manager?”

This question is looking for a concrete example of your success. 

The interviewer wants to know what you’re capable of, so focus your answer on measurable results. 

Maybe you increased store revenue or reduced the rate of staff turnovers. Whatever it may be, make sure your explanation is specific

For lots of people, boasting your own success feels awkward. How to answer “What is Your Greatest Accomplishment?” by WikiJob gives advice on how to tackle these cheek flushing questions.

7. “What would you do in a situation where you have an understaffed shift?”

There are certain situations store managers are bound to face, and being understaffed is one of them.

It’s time to show off your problem solving skills

Give the interviewer a detailed explanation of what you’d do to get the store properly staffed as soon as possible. Then, end with your willingness to cover the shift yourself if no one else is available.

There you have it! You should now be feeling more confident about facing your store manager interview head on.

Being prepared for an interview is key to your success, but don’t overstress. Remember, if you’ve been asked to come for an interview, you already have the skills and qualities they’re looking for! Now you just have to bring these qualities to life. 

For even more interview tips, have a look at the questions you should be asking and the mistakes you need to avoid in your job interview.

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